The Modolo business was started in 1952 by Adamo Modolo in Santa Lucia di Piave, Italy with the production of steel brake levers. After becoming well known for bicycle brakes and brake levers their focus in the 1990s switched over to bars and stems and later again to wheel sets. Modolo’s philosophy is to combine italian flair with innovative development in bicycle components.

1952 business starts with steel brake levers

1976 Adamo’s son Domenico joins the business and develops the first brake, the Professional
1977 brake set TOP
1979 brakes Speedy and Flash
1980 first racing bicycle  with integrated cable guide, the Kronos levers
1981 the aerodynamic brake model Kronos is produced in a quantity of only 3.000 pieces
1982 the brake models CorsaSporting and Cross appear
1983 MasterPro brakes,  with titanium-bolts and first lenticulary molded carbon-wheels
1985 the Kronotech Bicycle is introduced as a futuristic project
1986 anatomically molded 6-bend bar
1990  first anatomically 8-bend bar